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Five Hidden Canva Features You Need to Know

So let’s start with why Canva in the first place. Canva is user-friendly and much more cost-effective than it’s competitors, like Adobe Photoshop, for example. I recommend purchasing Canva Pro so you can take advantage of its lesser-known or what I like to call hidden features.

  1. For starters, did you know Canva has a live presentation feature? Once you complete a project, click present, Canva Live, and start a new session. Just like that, your audience can comment, ask questions, and react while you’re presenting. This is a great tool for seminars, workshops, and team-building activities.
  2. Next, the color palette generator is awesome because once you upload a photo, Canva will automatically create a palette based on the shades in the picture.
  3. Moving on to the QR code generator. Let’s face it; nothing had a bigger comeback than the QR code. Simply click on the “more” section in your design’s dashboard, then paste a URL in the text field, and it will create a QR code for you to place into your design.
  4. Now let’s talk about creating links. Maybe you don’t like the look of a QR code but still, need to be able to redirect someone. Highlight the text or element you want to hold that URL, and Canva lets you insert a link just like you would in Microsoft Word or Google Docs.
  5. And finally, making GIFs to post on social media. You can use Giphy in Canva or choose from Canva’s animated backgrounds and elements library to create a unique GIF to share with your audience.